Strength Cup holders

Chris Basso Holds the Strength cup abouve his hed while Reffaree Mickael Kent holds his arm

Chris Basso

Strength 2018

Zak Sabbath Holds the Strength Cup abouve his hed

Zak Sabbath

Strength 2017

Jett Armstrong Holding The strength Cup abouve his head

Jett Armstrong

Strength 2016

Big Brodie Marshall Holding the Strength cup roughly head hight

Big Brodie Marshall

Strength 2015

Josh Shotter Grasping the Strength cup

Josh Shooter

Strength 2014

Big Brody Marshall at the entreance Holding the strength Cup to the sky, sorounded by Mimic, Nick Armstrong, Grimm, Del Tauring, Shannon Jarvis and Jett Armstrong

Big Brodie Marshall

Strength 2013

Tama Williams holding the Strength Cup while standing on the top rope

Tama Williams

Strength 2012

Brad Smyth Holding the Strength Cup abouve his head

Brad Smyth

Strength 2011

Tj Rush at the Enterance holding both the Strength Cup and the Key To the city

TJ Rush

Strength 2010

Grimm holding the Strength cup with in the ring with other Jacko Lanturn and Brad Smyty Cheering for him


Strength 2009